TJ Marshall McCloud: a helpful Handsome man.
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sparkle7: MrAmi just txt me n asked me 2 come on, the way i cook my leg of lamb is drain all blood of make sure its dry, wrap it in foil n put it in oven 4 an hour
sparkle7: med heat, take it out spoon juices over the lamb wrap it up n bk in oven until it cooked how u want it i do mine with not pink, u should have lovely te
sparkle7: nder lamb, mine falls of the bone, hope that helps u tj McCloud x
TJ Marshall McCloud: WOW! my mind is now healed thanks to you sparkle. i have another question...
TJ Marshall McCloud: when i wrap it in tin foil, do i need to add any oil inside it?
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sparkle7: No oil, salt, nothing it will cook in it natural juices, n u can use the juices 4 gravy, n cooking ya roast spuds in, x x
TJ Marshall McCloud: sweet.... smiley thank you sparkle. im going to try and make mine mid rare. i like that red in the middle. so who is joining you for tonight dinner or lunch?
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TJ Marshall McCloud: my chin is growing a tripple effect! im considering naming it.
TJ Marshall McCloud: im going to cook mine with roast potati...
sparkle7: Ur welcome tj McCloud, please let me know next time u on if it cooked ok it should do, i got my family coming 4 lunch so iam cooking 4 15 people, x x
TJ Marshall McCloud: 15 people O__________O do you have enough space and time to cook for everyone? i think im due next week thursday on channel. i will brag how GOOD it taste winking
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