TJ HuggyBEAR: sally i'm sure you stick out more than once before
Chattygal: it would seem so lol so whats the gos have I missed anything exciting? winking
TJ HuggyBEAR: chattygal depends.. pens... sausages.. um boooty i think somethin else but you know i forget things
Harleyd: hi am a 56m in cheshire L4 some 40 to 60same area tx num c.c.t.v
Nicky9: Male 44 west mids body bilda lookin 4 nsf 40 - 60 can traval cctv
ooSALLYoo: Ogmore vale gar3 i went there once,salx nar sammy62 put sum nutella on your sausage for me and imagine me licking it off while it melts and runs down mmm.salx
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Gar3: An we shoot bears for coats want one sal
TJ HuggyBEAR: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooSALLYoo: You just put it in the wrong box bearlovely i dont mind wiv plenty of lube lol.salx
TJ HuggyBEAR: sally ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you been talking to d too much i think D made your mind filthy
Jemz: Tv
TJ HuggyBEAR: hello Jemz how are you?
Alan118: Hi x
TJ HuggyBEAR: good day Alan118
Jemz: Hello my name jemma from scotland if u want texe me
Couple32: Bi couple male 28 fem 33 from Bristol looking 4 bi fems and bi couples 4 txt fun and more txt mob 2 box smokers welcome cctv
Jemz: Tv Hello my name jemma from scotland if u want texe me
Moley45: Hi any women any status up 4 fun with a single essex guy ? txt me x
Dean12: Im fine Tj bear. Glad that the beautiful sexy Sallyanne is about Mmm
TJ HuggyBEAR: Dean12 she does know how to get a party started
Rola: Any nawty fems or cpls like crude txts and pic swaps wi a we male? Txt my box plz
Jemz: Tv Hello my name jemma from scotland if u want texe me
Chattygal: luv em all lol my pen is a fine fountain pen with a bottle of turquoise ink n everything proper posh lol
TJ HuggyBEAR: chatty gal wow my pen is not posh i mean i clean it and also made sure they i full of ink ;p
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