cutie32: Will soon be home time tj x
TJ GAFFA: i knw cutie, im countin dwn da minutes lol
Viscount: Hey teamo its your choice and your life its all about doing what makes you happy
TJ GAFFA: wrong channel vis, she on GN lol, dis is CB lol
Remote77: Duffy my man u well i hope Well said Cutie rite move hun x ladyluv ? x
Viscount: So mr personality has done a good job again tonight then gaffa lol
TJ GAFFA: yeha iv done alryt thanx vis smiley
shan48: hi tj please can you change my nickname to SHAN48 thank you x
TJ GAFFA: LOL, as u can see my frend, already done ^^^^^^^^ smiley
TJ GAFFA: i did it b4 u even msgd in again lol, as i cud see dats wot u wantd in original msg lol
shan48: thank you x
TJ GAFFA: ur welcome lol smiley
DUFFY: You know me fella cant keep a good man down m8! Hey Cutie32 im good thanx hows you sweets hope your al good x x remote all good cuda bin betta but hey
Dino7: I,m fine thanks x thats not gud then :-( r u ok ? X don,t want u being sad cutie x
Viscount: Damn wrong channel again ha ha ha your such a funny guy gaffa lol
TJ GAFFA: i do try vis smiley
TJ GAFFA: bak in 20 mins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Remote77: Time to walk dog bye Gaffa Take care Duffy my friend Ta ta Cutie good luck hun x
cutie32: I am ok just dont like being called heartless cow as am not but it hurts.x
shan48: [LOOP] any ladys looks size dnt matter in or nearr dartford kent up4 m8s dates with me im fit slim 48 irish tex me ladys cctv at work driver x x
DUFFY: Ladyluv do i know you hun x x
There are 32 Men & Women on the ChatBox line.Join the fun now on 08715 505050..
Richard13: Any females want some text fun with a guy cctv
Dino7: Yeah i,m sure it does hurt hun :-(i think yr a lovely girl tho so keep smiling :-) x
This is me!.. Like it or not!!!!!!
Gavin heath frm crewe any1 tp 4 a laugh female