Newcastle: Any local gay lads interested in sum nsa fun if so txt ur numba for instant reply cctv
FLUTTERBI: I kno it is lol x
LUSARDI: HI DUNCAN when is sally coming back x football on later x
TJ & Duncan: I assume never Lusardi :-( but then your guess is as good as mine! ;-)
Twodogs: Spiffin Nana, an urself? U fell out wit me Flutters? x U gone quiet Raven x
MsJewels: I love men LOL just can't find one who is normal LOL I get some rites uns LOL but am thick skin o I forgot snooker on later to o I'm spoil
Christy69: Nicegirl3. Never apologise for who or what you are.You are what you are and if people don't like it they can lump it!lol xxx..
TJ & Duncan: Come on you lot. Ideas for tonights Pic of me :-)
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123456A: Hi im phil 55 one night in Dundee hotel any one want fun prefer big dong vgen cctv
Blue4u: Always the same settle down with cb for few minutes and then my phone rings . Hi to all said hi x hi duncan :-) am away again to watch easties x may ca
Blue4u: tch you later x oh and bigk you not bein bald was not the problem .. You sure know what was and it WASN ME
TJ & Duncan: HI Blue4u :-) See you later
MsJewels: Mmmm tj wen u just come of shower
TJ & Duncan: Bizzarely enough MsJewels I had a shower in my lunch break just now
LUSARDI: DAVID moyes has been spotted going up the M 1 in a yellow 3 wheeler l o l x
Tommy33: Any mature fem fancy txtn similar male? Pls snd dtls to box as cctv
BIGKATANA: Nice to know Twodunks and 'm pretty well too smiley just keeping it up for the good guys init! smiley
TJ & Duncan: HAve you been away Bigkatan? I've been enjoying the pics I've seen of yours on the loop. Especially the one wqith the bevvy of beauties
MsJewels: Or wen I bin garden and u all dirty and sweaty
BIGKATANA: Oh dear dear Blue you are always right smiley enjoy the soap eh smiley loves ya X
MsJewels: Rite bak later b after soaps and celeb juice love Mr lemon accent am a sucker for a northern accent
WxmAl: Hi, single, mat m 54, ex tchr looking for ynga 18-30 FEM txt friend/mbm. Shy & uni students wlc. x Plz txt and give me a try, no luck so far! x CCTV x ata
There are 75 Men & Women on the ChatBox line.Join the fun now on 08715 505050..
FLUTTERBI: That wuda got the channel pumpin Dunc! But hey ho ya wimp!
Hi I'm Lola Bi single girl
Mature male looking for female txt mates ata